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James Beutel & Diane Hein-Beutel

James Beutel           & Diane Hein-Beutel

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Nutrasaff photo


Golden Safflower

Now being offered at Wild Birds Unlimited of Ann Arbor


An amazing new birdfeed, NutraSaff safflower was developed by scientists at Montana State University especially for feeding birds! Preliminary findings demonstrate birds prefer NutraSaff to traditional safflower 2 to 1!


What's so great about NutraSaff?

  • NutraSaff has no hull, leaving little mess below the feeder and no sprouting!

  • NutraSaff has 15% more oil content than regular safflower.

  • NutraSaff has 25% more protein than regular safflower.

  • NutraSaff has 30% higher fat content (energy!)

  • NutraSaff is an organic, "chemical-free" bird food.

  • Birds love it! Squirrels do not!

    Wild birds will have an easier time digesting and extracting the meal from NutraSaff safflower seeds. 

    NutraSaff provides higher energy sources with less waste than any other bird feed on the market!

    Desirable birds will flock to feeders but the squirrels will stay away!